POTPAX Starter Pack

4-in-1: Battery with 4 attachments for herbs, concentrates, solids and liquids
£79 + Free Shipping

POTPAX Concentrates Pack

3-in-1: Battery with 3 attachments especially
designed for concentrates and extracts
£79 + Free Shipping

POTPAX Ceramic Pack

2-in-1: Variable voltage & TC battery with 2
attachments for herbs and concentrates.
£99 + Free Shipping



POTPAX™ were created through the simple idea of putting together a great value electronic vape set with everything you could ever want to help you stop smoking in a pocket-sized vaporizer pack. The individual attachments and components are extremely hard to find currently so I wanted to put all of the best and latest ones I’ve found and tested into a fully comprehensive pack to help people explore the new world of vaping properly. This emerging market is a sign of the future so this is just a natural progression using the latest technologies. I have personally developed this pack with lots of love and passion – and I now want to share the knowledge and these new exciting possibilities. Lots of thought has gone into its creation so I really hope it’s got everything you need to help quit tobacco. They are checked and assembled here in the UK and I even charge the batteries so they are ready to use out the box! It’s a new age smoking tool.. whatever your preference. Small, smart, discrete and virtually smell free… Smart smokers do it the health-conscious way today and VAPE. Quit the bad stuff and keep the good stuff, it’s definitely the way forward! Enjoy….

Nothing lasts forever!

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